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1. What is Future17?
Born out of frustration at the lack of teen tech events in Northern Ireland, Future17 is a tech conference and hackathon crafted for teenagers, by teenagers. Run exclusively by a group of three teenagers, the event hopes to inspire teens to become more involved in the tech industry by learning to code. The attendees will be grouped into teams of five and tasked with creating an app or website around a theme, such as Education, Tourism or Healthcare, with the most innovative teams receiving spot prizes and a share of £1,000. Expert coding mentors will also be on hand to assist first-time programmers. Attendees will also have the opportunity to learn from some of the youngest leaders in the tech industry, including Ann Makosinski, the 19 year old whose inventions - including a torch powered by human hand heat - have received widespread acclaim. 

2. What is a hackathon?
A hackathon is perhaps best described as an 'invention marathon', taking place all over the world in virtually every industry. Attendees, or 'hackers', are split into teams and given a key theme, such as Education or Healthcare. The teams will then brainstorm to design an app that improves that area. For example, in the theme of Education, attendees might program a revision app or an app that helps teachers. At the end of a hackathon, teams pitch their ideas to a group of judges, with spot and cash prizes being awarded to the most innovative teams.

3. Is this legal?!
Yes, absolutely! The word 'hack' is often associated with cybercriminals who steal companies' data, but this is not the case. To 'hack' something just means to use something in a clever way or to prototype something very quickly.

4. What if I can't code?!
No problem at all - Future17 has been created with the goal of introducing as many teenagers as possible to coding. If you're only getting started with coding, we'll have expert coding mentors on hand to give you a hand. Also don't forget that you'll be in a team of five people with more experienced coders, so you'll learn as you go!

5. Where is the event being held?

We are delighted to announce our new venue in the heart of Belfast - Titanic Belfast. We believe that Titanic Belfast's  iconic architecture makes it the perfect venue for Future17!